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QSO Technologies is an engineering service provider and technology-oriented consulting company that specializes in hardware/software solutions for automotive, medical and industrial applications.

While cost has been a major driver for outsourcing in recent years, the availability of talent has become more and more important. QSO Technologies’ software and hardware engineers will help you with your product development activities. This often begins with the outsourcing of individual R&D tasks on a-time-and-material basis and can lead to the set up of global, virtual development teams on a fixed-price, person-year basis. Such teams are virtual extensions of our client’s development organization, adhering to the same processes and sharing a passion for technology. Being located in a different time zone does not have to be a disadvantage as it offers the possibility of round-the-clock product development.

This allows our clients to cut down on overall development costs and to increase time-to-market of their products substantially.